Artist: James Zimba


The bear painted by me symbolizes Zambia and is complemented by the Zambian coat of arms which describes Zambia’s richness in agriculture, mining industry, Zambian family and natural resources such as „fauna“ and water resources. The scroll below states “One Zambia One Nation” which brings together the 73 ethnic groups who are “proud and free” in a peaceful nation free of discrimination.

The legs of the bear wear two African talking drums and the xylophone (malimba). The legs and arms have the Makishi designs to represent one of Zimbia’s proclaimed World heritage for humanity, a masquerade representing the 65 traditional ceremonies which upholds the rich rites and rituals of the indigenous Zambia’s cultural heritage and its ethno tourism.

The back wears the Victoria Falls one of the Seven Wonders of the World found in Zambia, a spectacular tourist centre in the world which has promoted a “Visit Zambia” campaign world wide.

Sponsor: Embassy of Zambia