Artist: Brigitta Geyer

Born in Vienna in 1961

Creative design, drawing, painting, modelling, decorating

Until very recently, she worked in marketing/advertising in the cultural sector

Since 2006: free-lance artist

In 1999, she started to work on painting in oil and acrylics

Several single- and group exhibitions in Vienna



Music is the language that is understood in all countries of the world. It is one of the most unifying elements we know, moving every living creature.

It is not for nothing that our Austrian capital Vienna is called “City of Music“. People from all over the world come to Austria to listen to concerts, study music or visit historic sites representing our musical tradition. All over the world, orchestras and soloists from Austria are very sought after and held in high esteem.

What could be more appropriate than sending my bear – equipped with as many instruments as he can possibly carry - on a journey to invite all the people to make music together.

Sponsor: Stadt Wien