Artist: Ruslan Sergeev

* 1954, Russia

1981: M.A. of Design, Academy of Art, Minsk, Belarus.

Since 1982: Several exhibitions in Israel, Russia, Germany, Belarus, Georgia, England, France, Switzerland, USA

1998-2002: 4 times Winner of First Prize – National Lottery Competition in Environmental Design

1996-2007: 70 large-scale environmental sculptures in Israel, England, USA, Russia

The Russian-born Israeli painter and sculptor Ruslan Sergeev is living in Israel.



The Buddy Bear is "covered" all over with a drawn 3 dimensional shape of Jerusalem stone symbolizing the western wall of the holly temple found in Jerusalem and named as "HaKotel Hama'aravi" (the western wall).

Three red hearts drown on the front side of the bear sending love to the people connecting with it.

On the back of the Buddy Bear there is a "menorah" drown, the menorah is a seven arms candle holder in a half round shape standing on its base. The menorah is very symbolic to the Jewish faith and spiritual world.

Three pieces on top (hands and head) for a symbol of fire and a perfect balance of left right and middle (lighting the world with the "menorah light", light of love, hope, prayer, perfect spiritual balance).

It is colourful, very Jerusalem style, joyful, carrying the menorah as one of the most important symbols in the Jewish faith and others as well, Hearts to send love from all of us to the rest of the world, and the Fire in our hearts for the desire for love, peace, and spiritual light.

Ruslan Sergeev

Sponsor: Michael Bob, Sarah und Dan Golan