Artist: Bernard Veto-Wa-Veto

*1958, Congo
1980: Began studies at University for Construction
1983-86: Academie des BEAUX-ARTES in Kinshasa, Kongo
1986-94: Work in own graphics-office
Prizes and international competitions: 1985: 1 Prize Cigle "Ditechna", Kongo
1986: 2 Prize Cigle "Interlacs"
1986: 1 Prize Logotyp "Libota Lilamu"
1984-86: "Communication" for Radio France Internationale
1992: Poster Contest with the theme "Prison" for Amnesty International.
Exhibitions in Germany include: Since 1997 Stade, Horneburg, Nienburg, Cadenberge, Otterndorf, Bremen, Bad Kissingen, Munich.


Lucie - pre-historic, the original beautiful primitive woman: Africa is the cradle of humanity, Africa is also the cradle of civilization.

"Lucie", look around, look at the large circle! The bears with their various habits and customs, religions and beliefs, letters and symbols, colours and adornments, this is cultural diversity.

The one thing they have in common is their emotion. Emotion turns into ecstasy and finally into trance.

Bernard Veto Wa Veto