Artist: Salah Saouli

*1962 Beirut, Lebanon
1979-1983: Studied Painting at the “Institute des Beaux-Arts”, Beirut
1984-1987: Studied painting and sculpture at the HDK Berlin
As of 1987: Studied abroad at the Chelsea School of Art, London as well as extended stays in Caracas, Venezuela and San Sebastian, Spain
1997: Awarded Sharja Biennale, V.A. Emirates
Exhibitions since 1991: Dresden, Berlin, Prague, Bilbao, Beirut, Brussels, Amman, Marseille.



The Cedar Tree not only decorates the Lebanese flag, but the typical Lebanese cedar is very rare and mainly grows in the mountain region of Lebanon. Next to the Cedar, the forests, which once covered the land, also offer pine and oak trees. Today, only 10 % of area is wooded.

Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, moist winters characterise Lebanon, especially in the coastal region.

Salah Saouli

Sponsor: Ministry of Tourism, Lebanon