Artist: Ibrahim Hazimeh

* 1933 in Acre/Palestine

Art student in a distance-learning programme at the Ecole de Paris de Dessin. He continued his studies at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig.

1963 Graduation with distinction (subjects: Painting and Graphic Art).

Ibrahim Hazimeh is the President of the Palestinian National Committee for Visual Arts at the AIAP/UNESCO.

He is a board member of the Palestinian Artists Association and its spokesperson in Europe.



I, the bear, am an ambassador for my country Palestine – a country with an ancient culture. I am wearing the costume of my people, a nation of olive trees. I am telling you about Palestinian folklore. The embroideries of the women, our proud women. For centuries, they have been passed on over the generations and have been preserved to the present day, certainly to the delight of many future generations.

Our roots are our future. I joined the circle of “United Buddy Bears“ myself. Together, we all sing a song against poverty and for peace, freedom and human rights in our world.

Ibrahim Hazimeh

Sponsor: Buddy Bär Berlin GmbH