Artist: Zaki Al-Maboren

*1959 Artul/Sudan

Graduate in Graphic Design, College of Fine and Applied Art, KRT

1979-1986 worked as interior decorator and graphic designer among others

Since 1987 in Kassel/Germany

1993 Magister Artium in arts, University of Kassel

Since 1993 freelance artist

Several exhibitions, interior decorations and graphic works



The big bear is called Dervish. Dervishes are followers of mythical rituals. They are part of the Sofi movement and for their ecstatic dance and their striking clothes.

The idea of the dervish movement is the political protest through refusing to shave and wearing colourful self-made clothes made from rags.

The clothes are put together from different colourful rags and are worn during ceremonies.

Their dance moves are a mixture of Islamic and African ritual dances.

I've chosen the dervishes because they reflect the variety of the Sudanese society with its over 100 different tribes, its different languages, rituals and religions.

Zaki Al-Maboren

Sponsor: Botschaft der Republik Sudan