South Africa

Artist: Constanze Wagner

Born in South Africa

Studied at the University Pretoria in South Africa.

1965: Graduated with Baccalaureus Artium in Fine Art.

Today lives in Germering/Germany.


Several Prizes in South Africa.

1988: Cultural Prize for "Extraordinary Achievement in cultural life" of the city of Germering.

1995: Distinction in the Nürnberg Art Gallery.

Exhibitions include:

1991 at the Cultural Institute "Na Ostozje" in Moscow.

Since 1995 in Hannover, Vienna, Copenhagen, Bonn and Germering.

Constanze Wagner died on July 28, 2021


Umthombo Wobuntu - Carrier of Great Value

The Buddy Bear symbolizes the people of South Africa as bearers of the irretrievable values of our unique Nature, for which preservation we all are responsible. The luminous sun on the bear's breast illuminates motives from the fauna and flora of South Africa. Smaller motives are arranged around the head, neck, arms and legs to resemble traditional beadwork. The central motive on the top half of the bear's back is a map of South Africa with all its provinces in the bright colours of the flag.

Constance Wagner

Sponsor: South African Embassy