Move of the 'Hand in Hand for Tolerance' exhibition to Joachimsthaler Platz

The 'Hand in Hand for Tolerance' Exhibition has been moved from Wittenbergplatz to Joachimsthaler Platz

For many years now, the Berlin Buddy Bears have been a symbol of Berlin and are committed, among other things, through the exhibitions of the United Buddy Bears, worldwide for tolerance and international understanding.

Last year, Buddy Bear Berlin, together with the street artist Damian Yves Rohde a.k.a. DYR Wandbrand set up the exhibition "Hand in Hand for Tolerance - We are Berlin". From May 2022 to March 2023, it was on display at Wittenbergplatz.

On March 31, the exhibition moved to Joachimsthaler Platz.

With this installation, Buddy Bear Berlin sets an unmistakable signal for Berlin. This art project resembles a metaphorical embrace, because the diversity of Berliners, whether long-established or newcomers, makes up the energy and the distinctive character of the city: Being a Berliner is not a question of skin color, religion or origin. It is a question of attitude.

Damian Yves Rohde shows his idea of tolerance on Buddy Bears. For him, tolerance feeds on love. Love for fellow human beings, fellow citizens, friends and family. The pop art style of the portraits is unmistakable. DYR mixes realistic-looking faces with gaudy heart sunglasses and other surprising elements. Construction cranes and features of Berlin can be seen in the background. Berlin - the common center of life and at the same time home of the artist. The portraits are powerful, thoughtful, mischievous and cheerful. They show the diversity of Berlin. They look at the viewers at eye level and invite them to exchange views. Everyone should be able to find themselves in the portraits.

The exhibition can be visited at Joachimsthaler Platz until the end of September.

for more information on the 'Hand in Hand for Tolerance exhibition, click here.