Farewell to Ibrahim Hazimeh

In September 2023, Berlin-based artist Ibrahim Hazimeh, who designed the United Buddy Bear of Palestine in 2007, passed away.

Ibrahim Hazimeh was born in Acre. As a child, he was displaced with his family, first to Lebanon and then to Syria. He studied art in Leipzig, where he graduated with honours in 1964 under Professor Bernhard Heisig. He wrote about his art: "My memories, both beautiful and painful, are the source of my creative inspiration. The recurring artistic elements and motifs of women, houses and trees represent the longing for a Palestinian homeland. Through my art, I want to give my people the dream and hope of a brighter and better future. "
We remember Mr Hazimeh as a straightforward, upright, warm and fine artist who holds a special place in the circle of the United Buddy Bears.