A journey around the Globe: The United Buddy Bears – The Minis at the Gardens of the World

United Buddy Bears Minis at Gardens of the World Berlin

For the visitors of  Berlin’s “Gärten der Welt” (Gardens of the World) a trip around the world begins at the entrance to the park.

You can discover the green diversity of Europe, marvel at the nature of Bali, Japan, China, or Korea and immerse yourself in religious traditions in the Christian, Oriental, or nascent Jewish garden.

And from May 26, you can also explore the world with the United Buddy Bears – The Minis. 116 of the 1 meter tall Buddy Bears stand hand in hand on one of the main paths of the park. They invite visitors to get to know the countries they represent a little better through the motifs depicted.

For the first time, the Buddy Bear designed by Rias Nazary will be present for the country of Afghanistan.

The United Buddy Bears add a cultural highlight to the concept of the “Gardens of the World” in Berlin Marzahn. They will be on display there until the end of October 2022.