#1965 - #1965 - Anton

Elmar Gehlen

Anja-Carina Schräder-Voß

An der Wiek 7 , 23730 Neustadt in Holstein, Deutschland


Friendly Anton is here in loving memory of Mr Anton Schräder, who was the founding father of ancora Marina and died in 1992 at the age of 84.

Anton was designed by the famous artist Elmar Gehlen. The bear shows the sea in its most beautiful blue-green colors, high waves, the fine sand. But who really wants to get to know him, also finds small details that make thoughtful: small crystal clear water droplets on the forehead and on the neck, a fly sits on his right foot.

With these details, Elmar Gehlen dedicates himself to a special goal that has been shared by the Buddy Bear Berlin GbH since the first hour: the aid for children by aid organizations such as UNICEF. Also, with the purchase of the Buddy Bear Mrs. Schräder-Voß has made a generous donation to the association "Trauerzeit e.V.", which helps mourning children in their grief.

For Elmar Gehlen, love of the sea is directly related to the sense of responsibility for water and nature. Millions of children urgently need support from charities such as UNICEF to preserve clean drinking water and to live in a healthy, sustainable environment. UNICEF purifies life-threatening polluted water, drills drinking water wells and supplies drinking water to crisis and war zones. Therefore, "Water is life" was the name of an important UNICEF public relations campaign to which Elmar Gehlen would like to build.

"Every drop is important," says Buddy Bear Anton, pointing to the wealth of global diversity that needs to be protected: "Every donation is important."

Sir Peter Ustinov (1921-2004), one of the most important UNICEF ambassadors who opened the United Buddy Bears exhibition in Berlin in 2003, put it this way: "Help for children is not a drop in the ocean. It's like a drop in the sea that never gets lost. "

Client: Anja-Carina Schräder-Voß