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The colours of the bear represent the colours of nature. Elements like the poncho, the fishes, the pelican and the monkey are talking about the four parts of Ecuador. They stand for the coast, the Highlands, the jungle and the Galapagos Islands. The mask represents the idea of a fiesta and the unity as it isn't only one mask, but a several masks. All symbols are from the pre-Columbian times(500 BC until 1500 AD). They were made of gold, as the search for the legendary 'Eldorado' also led people to Ecuador. On the bear's chest you can see a geometrical design showing the flight of a bird. On its inside you can see abstract paintings telling about the volcanic activity in the Andes.
The interaction of the different design elements represents the relationship between the past and the present.
D. Gorter

Sponsor: Orco

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