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Buddy Bear at the Berlin Olympic Stadium

A Buddy Bear has moved to the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. Since 2nd July , visitors from all over the world are able to admire it at the Eastern Gate of the stadium. The Buddy Bear Olympic Stadium Berlin - designed by the renowned artist Christine Haberstock - was unveiled during a festive ceremony and presented to  invited guests and representatives of the press.

Buddy Bear at the Berlin Olympic Stadium

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A number of symbols on the bear refer to the architecture, the meaning and function of the Berlin Olympic Stadium:

The central front of the Buddy Bear shows the Berlin Olympic Stadium itself - with its characteristic roof, the landmark of the stadium, floating above the multi-purpose arena with its extraordinarily blue tartan track and the green-white football pitch.

Further functions of the Olympic Stadium – for example as an open-air space for rock concerts – are expressed through the electric guitar on the right arm of the bear and the famous fireworks “Pyronale“ as a floral ornament on the left arm.
The newly renovated solid foundation is represented by the Podbielski oak and the football shoe.

One of the major and at the same time highly politically charged events in the history of the Olympic Stadium is represented on the back of the Buddy Bear. Underneath the Olympic Rings - crowned by laurel for the winners - the great Jesse Owens undertakes the long-jump straight into the ether of Olympus –  bathed in gold as the winner over an earthly audience and the universe, which is symbolised by the sun.


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