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United Buddy Bears Show - Berlin 2017/2018


expand artist: Yaqoob al Hamad
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The Bear is wearing the traditional dress of the Bahraini women, adorned with a pearl necklace. The pearls reflect the historical art of pearl diving. Bahrain has been at the forefront of the global pearling industry, with even ancient literature referring to the island's "Flower of Eternity", widely interpreted to be the pearl. Illustrated in the middle of the largest pearl is the symbol of the Kingdom of Bahrain. At the backside is a written symbol of a sailing ship, to remind us of Bahrain's long seafaring history. Finally, the course of history is presented through illustrations and some archaeological finds from the early days of the ancient "Dilmon" Civilization. The recent election results have revealed that 98.4% support the idea of founding a Kingdom of Bahrain - a step forward in modernizing the political structure of Bahrain to meet the aspiration of the progessing of the people of Bahrain towards further civilized progress and rising.

Yaqoob Al Hamad

sponsor: Botschaft des Königreichs Bahrain

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