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13.01.2017 /

Little smoker, big impact: Cuban Buddy Bear helps handicapped children in Havana

There has been a lot of movement at the end of the year 2016 on the Caribbean island of Cuba: Fidel Castro died aged 90, international relations intensified, and the internet became available (with restrictions) for private households. What’s more, the Buddy Bears were able to help a little or rather the little ones.

Accompanied by many smiling faces, Cuban artist Nancy Torres handed over her second version of the cigar* smoking „Mini-Dancer“ to the school for handicapped children in Havana on 16th December.

The first version of this 1m tall bear has been auctioned off in december by the German Embassy also in aid of this school. The little Cuban, who can look back on several interesting encounters on his travels through Europe with the United Buddy Bears – The Minis, generated proceeds of 1.600 Euros. The money will be used to buy groceries and a freezer for the school.

A 2m tall version of the Cuban bear, which has been on world tour with the United Buddy Bears since 2003 and also stopped in Havana in early 2015 with the exhibition „The Art of Tolerance“, made the impressive amount of 12.000 Euros at an auction for UNICEF in 2004

Nancy Torres‘ Buddy Bear can be seen in the picture with the German minister of foreign affairs Frank Walter Steinmeier together with the former German ambassador Peter Scholz and his wife.


* In 1492, Columbus first mentioned in his diary that Cuban natives had been seen smoking rolled „tobaco. The Siboney Indians brought the world tobacco and cigars – both still connected inseparably with the Cuban culture and way of life.


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