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10.01.2017 /

Future stonemasons at the Knobelsdorff School make concrete Buddy Bears

The many vocational training programmes at the Knobelsdorff School in Berlin include the training of future stonemasons and stone sculptors. Dedicated teachers incorporate projects in their teaching that reflect the reality of working in these fields, for example looking at how to preserve buildings and to protect monuments. Teaching values such as mutual respect and tolerance is as important at the Knobelsdorff School as enabling the students to acquire specialist knowledge and craftsmanship. The Buddy Bears also represent these values with their global exhibitions under the motto “The Art of Tolerance”.

Since 1992, Martin Kösters has trained stonemasons. The third year of their vocational training includes the development of a three-dimensional “Sculpture in the Round”. In 2015, the students designed the first Buddy Bear (#1807). They were so enthusiastic about this project that the next group of students designed another concrete sculpture in the following year (#1808). The Buddy Bär Berlin GmbH provided an original sculpture of the large “Friend No. II” (in a sitting position) for duplicate moulding as well as a mould of the 2m tall “Dancer”. The students were able to use their skills in pattern making, moulding, concrete technology and sculpting. For the finishing, they treated the surface of these sculptures in the round with a granulating hammer. The special bases are made of coloured cast concrete.

You can view both Buddy Bears on the premises of the vocational training college (Oberstufenzentrum) at Nonnendammallee 140-143.


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