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08/21/08 / Classic, UBB

Olympia- Buddy Bear

How does a 2 m tall Buddy Bear get through Chinese customs on arrival in Beijing?It is very simple: After its arrival, Martin Seeber, general manager of Top Sport, collects the bear at the counter for oversized baggage, places it...


07/09/08 / UBB

Opening in Stuttgart

Today the exhibition of United Buddy Bears was opened by the mayor of Stuttgart, Dr. Schuster. At Schlossplatz next to Königstrasse the Buddy Bears, which are designed by international artists, welcome their visitors and will...


07/08/08 / UBB

Setting up of United Buddy Bears in Stuttgart

The THW is setting up the 145 United Buddy Bears for the exhibition on the Schlossplatz in Stuttgart. The opening will be on Wednesday, 9th July. Until August 12, 2008 the United Buddy Bears will promote tolerance and...


07/02/08 / Classic

Buddy Bear at the Berlin Olympic Stadium

A Buddy Bear has moved to the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. From 2nd July onwards, visitors from all over the world will be able to admire it at the Eastern Gate of the stadium. The Buddy Bear Olympic Stadium Berlin - designed...

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