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27.04.2004 / Presse

Hong Kong Launches Avenue of the Stars as Major Tourist Attraction

Hong Kong Launches Avenue of the Stars as Major Tourist Attraction

Hong Kong opened a new Avenue of the Stars today that the city hopes will one day rival the popularity of Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

The harbor-front tourist attraction features the handprints of international film star Jackie Chan, film director John Woo and more than 70 other Hong Kong film stars. Among those honored in the exhibit are Kung Fu legend Bruce Lee; Jet Li from Romeo Must Die and Lethal Weapon 3; Michelle Yeoh, who starred with Pierce Brosnan in the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies; and actor-singer Andy Lau.

Located on the waterfront promenade of Tsim Sha Tsui, the 500-yard Avenue of Stars combines pavement plaques commemorating Hong Kong movie personalities past and present, milestone features outlining the local film industry's 100- year history, a welcoming video, sculptures and souvenir kiosks. The New World Group financed the design and construction of the Avenue at a total cost of $5 million (HK$40 million) and will manage and maintain it for 20 years.

Special lighting makes Avenue of Stars even more exciting at night. Adjacent to the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the attraction also offers a superb view of Victoria Harbor and Hong Kong's dramatic skyline. It is an excellent vantage point for viewing the new nightly harbor lighting show, A Symphony of Lights.

Jackie Chan, who has served as Hong Kong's Tourism Ambassador since 1995, plans to visit Avenue of Stars on May 16, as well as to help launch the United Buddy Bears Exhibition, which will be featured in Victoria Park from May 16- June 27, 2004. Mr. Chan was instrumental in bringing the exhibit of 120 life- size bear statues to Hong Kong as part of their world tour to promote global peace and tolerance. The bears, which are hand-painted by artists from different countries, stand hand-in-hand in a giant circle to symbolize solidarity and understanding among nations.

The Hong Kong exhibition and a number of related activities, ranging from Buddy Bear story book and story telling competitions to clay bear workshops, will raise funds for the Community Chest of Hong Kong, Hong Kong UNICEF and Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation. After completion of the world tour, the bears will be sold by auction in Berlin, where they were originally conceived by Dr. Klaus Herlitz and his wife Eva. Proceeds will benefit UNICEF.

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