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10/14/13 /

The Minis are coming!

From 30th November 2013 to 6th January 2014, all visitors will get the opportunity to see the miniature version of the United Buddy Bears exhibition – The Minis - in Calais/France. The 1m tall bears will be on display in the...


10/10/13 /

Japanese disaster-management organisation gets one Buddy Bear

The nuclear disaster at Fukushima caused a number of catastrophic accidents and major malfunctions at the Japanese nuclear power Daiichi (Fukushima I). The Vereinigung für internationale Katastrophenhilfe e.V. DTRG (association...


09/24/13 /

JFK - Buddy Bear in Boston

On 24th September 2013, a Buddy Bear with a picture of JFK was unveiled in Boston. Harald Leibrecht, a member of the German Bundestag and Coordinator for Transatlantic Cooperation, Tom Putman, Director of the JFK Museum and Rolf...


09/18/13 /

3. European Firefighter Combat Challenge

At the Firefighter Combat Challenge, more than 800 firefighters from 10 different nations competed a very special extreme sports discipline: The aim of the event was to identify the top perfomers among the firefighters in the...


09/09/13 /

5,500 Euros for the Buddy Bear Help e.V.

FIOR DA LISO generated the donate sum of 5,500 euros with the sale of high-quality blouses, designed with little Buddy Bear embroideries. This amount was much higher than expected! For each blouse that was sold, 4 euros were...


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