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07/01/15 /

Auction in Santiago de Chile

The final highlight of the United Buddy Bears exhibition in Santiago de Chile was the auction to sell several Buddy Bear sculptures at the Galería Artium. Eleven bears with a height of 33cm each and two 1m tall Buddy Bears were...


06/26/15 /

16-й Чемпионат мира по водным видам спорта 2015 в Казани вместе с мишками Бадди

Международная выставка мини-мишек Бадди (United Buddy Bears – The Minis) отправились в путь в Казань (Российская Федерация). Скульптуры знаменитых берлинских медведей будут выставлены во время чемпионата мира вокруг нового...


06/17/15 /

30 years of Hohenschönhausen

To mark the anniversary “30 years of Hohenschönhausen“, the housing association HOWOGE announced a Buddy Bear design competition. The result: Six Buddy Bears were created and handed over to the district Berlin-Hohenschönhausen...


06/05/15 /

Green Buddy Award 2015

The search for companies serving as role models with their exemplary commitment to sustainable and ecologically sound development has moved into the fifth round. Since 2011, the Berlin district Tempelhof-Schöneberg has...


05/26/15 /

Auction in Santiago de Chile

The 2m tall bears of the United Buddy Bear exhibition will stay at the Parque Bicentenario in Santiago de Chile until 19th June 2015. On 4th June 2015, fans of the tall Buddy Bears will have the unique opportunity to obtain...


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